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brief introduction to the national key laboratory of energy metal resources and new materials
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    in may 2023, the laboratory was approved as one of the first six national energy r&d and innovation platforms during the "14th five-year plan" period announced by the national energy administration. 

  it was led by central south university and jointly built by china silicon corporation ltd., ganfeng lithium group co., ltd., gem co., ltd., cngr advanced material co., ltd., and basf shanshan battery materials co., ltd. 

  in response to the major strategic need to build a safe and stable new energy industry chain and supply chain for china, the laboratory aims to build a world-class r&d and innovation platform for technology to ensure the supply of strategic metal resources for new energy and new materials. it is committed to original innovation and key technological breakthroughs in four key sectors, including efficient extraction of strategic metal resources for new energy, recycling of decommissioned new energy devices, advanced materials for energy conversion and advanced electrochemical energy storage materials. 

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