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weng zuliang visits china silicon corporation ltd. of china minmetals for research and guidance
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 on august 31, weng zuliang, secretary of the leading party members' group and chairman of china minmetals corporation, visited china silicon corporation ltd., a silicon-based material r&d and production company invested by china enfi engineering co., ltd., a china minmetals subsidiary, for research and guidance.

weng zuliang investigates the small-scale testing laboratory in the luolong plant area


  weng zuliang visits the reduction workshop in the mengjin plant area

  at the luolong plant area, weng zuliang listened to the report on the r&d and design of silicon-based material technology systems of china silicon corporation ltd. he also visited the national engineering research center for silicon-based material preparation technology, laboratories, and pilot workshops to gain an in-depth understanding of the technological innovation system spanning mechanism research, small-scale tests, pilot-scale tests, and industrialization. at the mengjin new plant area, weng zuliang visited the exhibition hall and conducted on-site inspections of the control command center, analysis and testing center, as well as the production lines for zone-melting polysilicon and electronic gases. he inquired in detail about the construction of intelligent factories, the operation of big data platforms, and the status of phase ii industrialization.


  the research symposium

  at the symposium, weng zuliang listened to and fully affirmed the reports on the production and operation of china enfi and china silicon corporation ltd. he put forward requirements in four aspects, namely, leveraging innovative advantages, shaping development advantages, addressing shortcomings and bottlenecks, and strengthening party building.

  zhu kebing and chen jianguang, members of china minmetals' leadership team, accompanied the visit.

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