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connect • collaborate • innovate—china silicon corporation ltd. attends semicon china 2023
来源: 作者:中硅高科管理员 发布时间:2023年07月05日

  from june 29 to july 1, 2023, china silicon corporation ltd. attended semicon china 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the "exhibition"). themed "connect • collaborate • innovate", the exhibition was grandly held at shanghai new international expo centre (sniec). as one of the most influential events in the semiconductor industry globally, it displayed the latest products and technological achievements of various enterprises in the whole semiconductor industry chain.

  china silicon corporation ltd. mainly exhibited its current core products, including electronic grade polysilicon, electronic grade silicon tetrachloride, electronic grade hexachloroethosilane, electronic grade trichlorosilane, electronic grade dichlorosilane, electronic grade ethyl orthosilicate, tetramethylsilane, trimethylsilylamine, octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane and other electronic special gases and precursor materials, as well as silicon tetrachloride products for optical fibers.

  at the exhibition, the staff of china silicon corporation ltd. introduced in detail the performances and technical advantages of products to every guest visiting the booth. its advanced product indicators and abundant innovation strength have drawn the attention of industry participants both at home and abroad.





  as an enterprise committed to the research and industrialization of silicon-based materials earlier, china silicon corporation ltd. relies on two national innovation platforms, three provincial innovation platforms, and one postdoctoral scientific research workstation. it insists on achieving high-quality development with new development concepts, building core competitiveness based on the compound innovation system, and restructuring its management structure under the guidance of marketing, thus clarifying the strategic positioning of "committed to becoming a world-class developer of high-end basic materials". it has formulated corresponding special plans for innovative development, efficiency improvement, and intelligent manufacturing based on its actual situation, successively undertaken 23 national key projects, and obtained 236 authorized patents. currently, a variety of its products have realized import substitution, making it an innovative leading enterprise, high-tech enterprise, and specialized and sophisticated enterprise that produce new and unique products in henan province with over 30 honors above the provincial level.

  in the future, china silicon corporation ltd. will continue to take "shouldering national responsibilities and making up for weaknesses in basic materials" as its mission, focus on bottleneck technical needs, devote itself to realizing localization replacement of basic raw materials in integrated circuits, optical communications and other fields, and steadily expand into related material technology fields.

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