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factory o&m services
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  i. team situation

  the operation and maintenance service team of china silicon corporation ltd. is a highly skilled and well-disciplined team of technical service professionals that has grown and developed through more than 20 years of operation and production of polycrystalline silicon at the company. we have witnessed the entire flourishing process of the polycrystalline silicon industry from industrialization to large-scale production. with rich practical experience in process design, equipment selection, energy-saving transformation, and high-quality operations, we have a thorough understanding of the overall theoretical technology of various systems in the polycrystalline silicon industry. adhering to the concept of being a "developer and technical service provider of silicon-based materials," we take it as our mission to provide technical services and work together with interested parties to make china's photovoltaic green energy industry bigger and stronger.

  ii. main technical services

  service scope: guidance on commissioning and operation, and production and operational management services.

  iii. service performance

customer name


inner mongolia shenzhou silicon industry co., ltd

we offer cold hydrogenation line design (in collaboration with china enfi engineering co., ltd.), installation guidance, start-up plan development, and guidance on system operation and services.

gd power inner mongolia jingyang energy co., ltd.

cold hydrogenation system start-up service

  iv. our advantages and service philosophy

  strength: we have nearly 20 years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of polycrystalline silicon;

  supported by: china enfi engineering's strong design and research team;

  expertise: we customize technical service solutions based on individual company needs and have a strong professional team;

  pricing: our pricing is transparent and fair, providing good value for our services;

  efficiency: we have a comprehensive theoretical knowledge and a large on-site practical training base, ensuring efficient and effective services;

  peace of mind: we are hands-on and provide full-service support throughout the entire process.

  goal: to achieve success for our clients and create a bright future together.

  v. contact

  address: no.1 mudan avenue west road, luolong science and technology industrial park, luoyang city, henan province.

  postal code: 471000

  tel.: 0379-68608389


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